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so I've accidentally stumbled across a gta

So I've been in the market for a "new" car for a few months now but I'm horrible picky and don't want to spend alot of money (impossible combination I know). My husband has been nagging me to death to go look at his friends 87 trans am for months and I'm not interested in an 87 especially one with a 350 in it ( gas guzzler haha).

I finally gave in this morning and went over to look at this car. WOW! Pearl white with T-tops, no rust or dents, been garaged , nice interior, NEW motor (its all pretty and shiny! less than 5k on it), pretty gold wheels ( dont crucify my but gta means nothing to me at this moment , never even heard of it) , new tires blah blah blah. Few little quirks .. and I mean little ... needs a new antenna and has a leaky O ring to A/C , and the glass over the guages is cracked. Everything works , guages , a/c (leak needs fixed), power hatch , starts right up etc etc etc. No spoiler

Well he proceeds to tell me everything he's done to it over the last 20 years since he bought it for his wifey ( speakin chinese to me). He took all the decals off when he had it repainted several years back but never got around to putting them back on. He has them all in a box tho and they will naturally come with the car. He's not really fond of the wheels personally but they came on the car and his wife liked them. blah blah blah. His son somehow broke the spoiler while trying to put it back on. Brackets are all there in place but need the spoiler its self.

"Its a GTA", he says " which dont mean much , just has a few extras."

Now here is the kicker. He wants $2000.00 for it. like whoa YEAH I'LL TAKE IT!

He feels obligated to clean it up first tho, its awefully dusty and dirty. He'll get it washed and the oil changed and delivery it to my house tomarrow. Sweet!

So I start looking for a spoiler and realize "whoa I have something here!"

Now I have a questions ....

1) I wanted a cowl induction hood / hood scoop. something to give it that extra little pop. But I want to keep it as close to original as possible at the same time. Was it possible for one to come from the factory with one?

2) When he replaced the motor he made some modifications with the fuel injection or carborator or something( speaking chinese to me remember), did that depreciate the value? Should I have it switched back over to factory specs? Not that I intend to sell it but hey you never know.

I know nothing of Trans Ams so pls forgive any stupid questions or flat out ignorance.

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