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Re: Vortech Supercharger

Funny you should ask as i was just working on wiring up my boost gauge and aux fuel pump ten minutes ago.

For my initial boost gauge light hookup I am going straight to the contacts in the pass. compartment fuse box that are next to the 25A wiper fuse (toward the outside of the car). This contact seems to work with the rest of the factory light switches.

For grounds i'm using one of the screws that holds the fuse box in place.

I put power to my Walbro aux fuel pump in the engine compartment to check for leaks. It is very loud. Is that normal????

AutoMeter recommends using a fuse in the power lead for the gauge itself. You'd think they could include that with a gauge that normally sells for $180+ on Ebay??? (i got mine for $100 shipped).

Off to Autozone for a fuse holder and to get the Optima battery for my Subaru tested. It's only 2-1/2 years old but looks like either it's failing or the 6-yr old alternator is as I had to get a jump start earlier today.

Changed out the heater core on my Honda - now it won't start. Continuity checks on the ignition switch indicate it needs replaced so have one on order.

Getting kind of tired of working on my cars!!!!

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