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Re: Vortech Supercharger

Originally Posted by 90 L98 TransAm
hopefully the vendor/Vortech will let me re-clock this without voiding
the warranty.

had a clearance problem between the supercharger body and the power steering lines. the install manual says to leave the lines connected and just bend
them but i'm not sure that's practical. a photo of how they bent and routed the ps lines around the SC bracket would have been real helpful.

how much of a hassle is it to flush/refill/bleed the power steering system? i probably should get some new fluid in there anyway.

oh well, won't be able to finish it now anyway until Vortech sends me the pulley for the supercharger shaft.
Sorry to hear you ran into a wall with the installation. I hope vortech will work with you on solving the problem. I cant wait untill you finish this project its so exciting especially because its in my wish list. I hope you finish soon so we can all see how great it will turn out. Not to mention the sound of that supercharger blowing. with a video i hope Well im sure everyone will agree with me we are all routing for you. good luck

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