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Re: Good Deal On Some Slp Runners!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Fred91GTA
When i took apart my fuel assembly, I had found that 3 of my stock injectors were no longer functioning properly. I could tell because of the heavy black deposits where fuel was leaking out. Also explained the gas smell I was getting whenever I had the car on for long periods of time. I had the Multec design fuel injectors and those are prone to failure anyway, so I bought a set of Ford Motorsport 24lb blue top injectors. Beware, getting bigger injectors means having to burn a new chip. I also had a few leaks in the fuel rail assembly itself. A new set of O-rings for the fuel rail assembly solved those problems.

You have an 88 GTA so you should have the earlier Bosch injectors. These can be sent out for cleaning and flow matching. does this service. I'd also get a new set of O-rings for the injectors and new clips. I get all my stuff from I would go through my dealer, but all the parts guys around here are fat old lazy bums that are completely incompetent. Mixed with the good old New York City attitude and you start to see why I'm willing to pay a little more plus shipping for TPI parts.
So if I would to get bigger injectors I would have to burn a chip? Can I do this and get the chip done for my other mods all in the same chip? Also do you know a company that does them for a good deal? Before I forget what kind of gaskets should I buy so I can port my base and still match them up with the runners. I want to make the base a little bigger and do the samething to my runners. I want to make sure my engine can get some air.
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