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Originally Posted by Klortho
I believe I have an ESC from an '87. It was still attached to the relay cluster by the brake booster on my GTA when I got it. I have no use for it since I'm putting an LT1 in it. If you want to try it, I can send it to you, if it's the right thing
Update. With the onset of the cold weather, the pinging is almost completely gone. Guess this should be a clue. Car is just about ready for winter storage, never been out in the snow and not going to start that now. I have a couple of things to do over the winter and I think I will switch to a 180 thermostat. The Hypertech chip is burned for a 195 thermostat ( at least that is the info I provided to them) so I dont quite understand why the cooler weather has this much of an effect. Anyway, thanks to everyone who provided help. Maybe I will try a new custom chip, set for 87 octane and a 195 thermostat, engine has 9:1 compression ratio. Keep warm, thanks, George.
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