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Glad you had a good time there, Joe.... I saw those photos on the NTTGA website. Looked like the turnout was pretty good by the TX folks. Was Gregg Blakely there with his '91 Z28 1LE? Gregg's probably my best friend in the world, and I hope he brought that car out for the event. It's a real beauty....

There were maybe 2 OR 3 gta's there. I must say Joe's car is immaculate. One of the cleanest examples I have ever seen of a GTA.
Joe's GTA is beyond immaculate. Everytime I think about it.... it makes me want to spit! My black GTA gets trailered everywhere, and it doesn't look anywhere as good as Joe's car does. I suppose a total exterior resto might help in that department... but who has the time? Beggars can't be choosers....
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