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Order 14097930, it's a complete kit for 4 seat belt recievers includes the red plastich poush button, springs and also a metal shield supposed to be used on recievers manufactured before Jan 1989 or so. This is the kit the dealers used to repair any broken / brittle push buttons as outlined in the TSB you mention. This happens on all F-bodies. I replace all 4 in my car as they were all pink in color and looked bad took me about 30 min. The kit is about $6 USD from any GM dealer. If you like e-mail me privatly and I can send some before and after pictures if you like.

This is a cheap and quick fix to does ugly lucking "pink" push buttons. I looked everywhere to replace my setup until I found this kit ... I even did my spare set I have for my 89 TTA.

Hope this helps.

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