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Those numbers are expected though, it takes that kind of power to run 12.28.

Stock?!?! Aren't they all. Here's what's been done to the engine:

·Stock 231 c.i. (3.8L) V6
·Stock cam
·Stock heads ported and polished with replacement valve springs
·160 degree fail safe thermostat
·ATR stainless steel drivers header/Stock passengers header, both Jett-Hot coated
·GNX takeoff turbo from Garrett/ASC with ported exhaust housing
·Bowling Green Customs 2.5" downpipe with test pipe, Jett-Hot coated
·Accufab 65mm throttle body and Precision plenum with RJC power plate
·3” MAF with Translator
·Hooker dual 2.5" exhaust with custom stainless rear exit 3" pipes
·Bowling Green Customs 23-row intercooler with 2 ½” necks and modified scoop
·ATR cold air induction kit
·Walboro 340 fuel pump
·Billet aluminum adjustable fuel pressure regulator
·42.5 # Lucas injectors (009's)
·Jay Carter 93 octane street chip for alky

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