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seeing is beleiving

id like to see around 400+ HP/420+ TQ... id like to it rev under 6000rpm around the 5500 mark peak power

id love to get a set a AFR 195s but they are like 1250+.. by the time I get them up here im looking at over $2400 Canadian, canada sucks !!!

i can rip my stock heads off and I have all winter to make them flow like that... i will get one cylinder ported pro to where i want it then basically match the rest of them to that sample.. get better flowing valves, cut them for some better springs, get some screw in studs and im looking at like $300+ into my heads...

that leaves me cash for headers, a new cam, LT1 intake/ported TPI, subframes(which i plan to build myself), head studs, gaskets, modified TB, bandaids and some LCA and brackets... throw in a tranny cooler, shift kit, and stall in the spring and im done...
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