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Dj, thats a tough question to answer.....just how much gain are you looking to get? There is no magic TPI combo. Its all on what you want and where you want it. You cant build a high flow TPI without losing some low end. It just wont happen. My suggestion is come up with a plan as to where you want to see your numbers at in your RPM range and decide from there what products/work will be required to accomplish that goal.

As for the l98 heads. That would be somthing I would have to see with my own eyes to believe. A stock head that flows 250cfm???? Even if it is possible(which I highly doubt) that would be just to worrysome for me. I like high flow numbers with a sense of security....I would hate to put $400 into some heads and not feeling safe as to whether or not they will last the next time I drop the hammer.

I know I am a little closed minded when it comes to cyl heads..... I am of a mind that you dont cheap out on the important things, and you cant get more important than cyl heads.
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