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Originally posted by f-crazy

so what your saying is even if you have a fully optioned tpi base runners and plenum you still wont get the flow of an lt1 intake?..

i have a questoin for u rich....when i rebuild my 305 with a comp cams XR258 headers and the lt1 intake and my ported heads..what size injector should i use?....i dont think my 19# will be enough what about the l98 injectors there 22# right
What I am saying is yes you can get the flow numbers of a LT1(remember all those parts are still unported) just that the characteristics change between intakes. The TPI an LT1 intake design are good ones. It just a matter of where you want the most power and how much you are willing to spend and sacrifice.

I pick out injectors last. They are just too expensive to get wrong. So here are a couple of formulas that will help you decide once you come to that point.....

LBS./HR @ Fuel Pressure

F2=(P2/F1)0.5 x P1 EXAMPLE (40 psi/24 lbs. hr)0.5 x 30 psi= 25lbs hr

F2= New fuel flow rate
F1= Original fuel flow rate
P2= New fuel pressure
P1= Original fuel pressure

Estimated injector size

CFM x 0.44298/ # of cylinders

Hope these help.
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