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dont shut up you know what your talking about...i didnt beleive it either untill i read tha article...theres a guy on that ported them out and he got right around 250 cfm and the port sizes were heavily ported i beleive to the likes of 185 or so...he had them flow tested at right around 250 with 2.02 intake valves and 1.9X exhaust....he figured it out using afr's charts that will support 565 horse..and the thing with the lt1 intak is that youll never have to buy another intake again unless you want to run 10 seconds....

so what your saying is even if you have a fully optioned tpi base runners and plenum you still wont get the flow of an lt1 intake?..thats when the heads become the bottleneck?..even afr 190's wont outflow the lt1 intake then....ill look for the link and post it so u can see for yourself, i was quite amazed...
so as u see dj there is plenty of power for the tpi just how much money u want to spend....the lt1 intake will be the last youll ever buy though
i have a questoin for u rich....when i rebuild my 305 with a comp cams XR258 headers and the lt1 intake and my ported heads..what size injector should i use?....i dont think my 19# will be enough what about the l98 injectors there 22# right
a simple "motor swap" has taken all summer..
come back next year
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