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the myth that low end torque will suffer with a lt1 intake is false....the lt1's made there peak torque at 2400 so the low end is there and stronger then tpi...however, between 3000-3500 you will loose a little bit not much maybe 20 ft pounds.and it will scream about 4 grand and pull like a raped ape to 6 grand....
along with rich said a fully optioned tpi will run ya biiiigggg bucks...although you can run mid 12's with it....(ive seen a guy with a 305 running mid 12's on a n/a tpi) so it can be done..but it will cost you...400 for the base 350 for runners the cam heads and you over $2000...and if your goin with a set of heads....have your l98's ported...they WILL rival the afr's 190 and they will support 565 horse...take un to a machiene shop and in 10 hours and 400 bucks later youll have the same heads for $1000 less then the afr's....put a healty cam in it and a lt1 intake and youll be knee deep in the 11's...for the price of a lt1 intake a cam the macheine shop bill and headers.....figure 1500 bucks....
with the stealth ram hood mads are required for it to fit correctly....and its more money for that over the lt1...of course its up to you cuz its your ride but what ever you decide...dont buy heads! port your l98's and youll never have to buy a set of heads again...with the setup ive just described youll be in the 450-500 horsey are u gonna miss that 20 ft pounds? lol

in a couple months im gonna pull my 305 rebuild it put a juciy cam in it have my heads ported and put a lt1 intake on it....and i bet ill be eatin ls1's breakfast...imagine the look when i tell um they just got smoked by a 305 lol....then ill put a snort of happy gas into it and go huntin for z06's
god i love 305's underrated just the way i like it....expect the unexpected
a simple "motor swap" has taken all summer..
come back next year
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