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I guess the point that I am trying to make is that the TPI system in its stock form is restrictive. That it is the bottle neck of the whole engine. Changing just minor details can result in poor performance and slower times. Especially in your case with a MAP system. Which is super sensitive to change. Adding an aftermarket camshaft is a good way to make more power, but can result in really poor performance for people who are not familiar with what they are doing, or not using the TPI to its maximum by poor cam selection. It has to work with all the other parts of the valvetrain to get maximum results. Here is what I mean. The stock TPI "architecture" reguardless of aftermarket parts/porting, is really...I mean really sensitive to valve event timing. This is due to the TPI design using pulse tuning for that lovable and ungodly torque curve. You could really wake your engine up with a head and cam swap. Just be sure that before you do major work like that you are matching all other components to the ones you will install. As well as have an idea of how to tune the car after the install.
To quote Dj "i dont want to lose the low end kick but its time to wake it up..." So the whole point of this is just how much you want to "wake it up" All the suggestions that have been made are good valid suggestions. Some will move your RPM range up the scale a little while you can see dramatic increases in trap speeds with others. And if you are worried about keeping the car looking original with the TPI and all, expect to pay outrageous prices. That is the only reason that I suggested an LT1 intake. It is super cheap and performs outstanding in comparison to more popular aftermarket TPI setups costing $3500 or more for the entire kit.
On a different note, if you do plan on doing a head swap consider what you will be swapping. If you decide to go with an aluminum head you will change the thermodynamics of your engine. So to counteract that you will have to ensure a higher compression ratio. Just thought I would mention that

Whew....sorry for bieng so long winded. I just love talking about the TPI in general.
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