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Angry Track Times

Only got four runs in...

It was like +30C/80-90F out and pretty humid...

First run was a 15.04 @ 91mph

Second was a 15.02 @ 90mph

Third was a 15.0x @ 91mph

About this time running with no air conditioning and the staging lines miles long i stopped and waited for a couple hours and watched for a bit until it got cooler..

Got one more run in... with a chick ridding along I finally got a

14.9 @ 90mph with the best 60' of 2.1...

The damn daytime headlights wouldnt go down so that might be worth something

Of our little group (99 WS6, 99 SS, 97 WS6) that went out I got the best 60'... even better then a couple AWD talons... im just losing patience with the stock TPI and its death after the 1/8th..
i dont want to lose the low end kick but its time to wake it up...
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