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Re: Fixed my digital dash, question.

Originally Posted by BigBadGTA View Post
It sucks to get at the bulb. To get to it you have to remove the whole cluster from the car for clearance to fit your hand back there to grab it. This requires removal of the dash pad, the black trim piece under the map pocket, the trim piece around the odometer and message center with the vents, and the gray bezel that goes around the headlamp switches. Then there are four bolts that hold in the cluster on each corner of it, remove them and pull out and it should slide out enough so you can get your hand behind it. The bulb sits in a base that turns and locks into place behind the odometer, it will come out with the bulb. The new bulb I used was a 12 volt sylvainia halogen bulb that said it was for high mounted stop lamps on the box but it was the only one that was the same style as the bulb that I pulled out of the dash. That bad boy was 10 bucks.. You might want to replace the bulbs in the message center as well as the switches if they are out like I did. All in all it took me maybe 3 or four hours total between yesterday night and today and 3 trips to the auto parts store as I noticed more and more bulbs out on the dash.

pictures of the completed put back together product, next on the agenda is to re dye the steering wheel.
Thanks for the explanation. I think I will tackle the job now.
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