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Re: my 89 GTA has wrong SPI code

Originally Posted by thaemcee2 View Post
Yeah I am not sure what happened. Either switched the consoles at the factory or somehow received wrong SPI code, maybe even someone was trying to squeeze out a special car or something.... Or the lady I bought it from whose father was the original owner, lied to me....i dont know why someone would lie about that though..Her family was military and the car shows that her story is true and it was indeed always garaged!

Either way, the car IS LEGIT, as stated I got the car's original build sheet from pontiac in michigan, which is ran from THE VIN # of the car... the car is a GTA. I also have a replica window sticker being sent out from PHS. I wish there was way to find out what exactly happened, but either way, I love the car!
i work in a car plant in north east ohio and have seen stranger things happen im gonna say that the line worker in the plant put the wrong sticker in the center armrest . sad to say but to many its just a job . i would consider your car a factory 'freak' it is now one of one until some one else notices the same in their GTA. you have your papers from pontiac and can prove what it is . the decal is a great story to tell...
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