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Re: Trans am GTA - $4500 (Darien wi)

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Owner was very honest. He told me right away that the motor was replaced roughy 17 years ago, before he got it. Pretty good guy.

The car was running fine last summer but when he fired it up to get it out to sell it, it started running rough, wonít idle and backfires through the intake. He had already replaced the wires and plugs. I checked the fuel psi and I am getting 40psi with the key on and when running. Donít think its a fuel issue. I replaced the MAF already, no change. The battery was weak so i had to charge it yesterday. With the battery charged and the charger still on it, the car ran better - not perfect, but better. When I pulled the charger off the car slowly started running worse as the battery went down again. Gauge shows a healthy 12.5 or so volts so thinking a bad battery or voltage regulator. Didnít think a bad voltage regulator or battery would make it run bad but??? Going to put a battery and alternator in it and see what happens.
Backfiring sounds like bad timing, or wires not in correct firing order. Good luck with it. Doesn't sound like it's that big of a problem, just something isn't exactly correct on it.

In regards to the engine replacement, probably not a big deal in regards to value. Seems these cars really don't have a numbers matching value to them.
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