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Re: Trans am GTA - $4500 (Darien wi)

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Not bad. Car itself is very nice. Hood has some damage from a broken zipper on one of those storage “tents” people use when they don’t have room in the garage, and the rear wing is pretty rough. The rest of the body and interior is excellent though. Unfortunately, way back several years ago, the previous owner blew up the original motor so it has a replacement 5.7 out of an 88GTA. It ran great for the 14years the person I bought it from had it but it’s running rough now. Chasing that down and then after I get it running well again, need a new wing and off to the body shop and then it should be ready to go.
Running rough could be caused by many different things. Maybe all it needs is a good thorough tune-up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor), fuel filter replacement, vacuum leak fix, etc. Once you get her you can do the appropriate inspection in determining what's the deal.

How did you know it doesn't have the original engine? Did the previous owner tell you or was there some other way that you found out?

The thought just dawned on me since we're talking about tune-up. Timing gun, do they even make those anymore?

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