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Re: "Super Rare 1 of 600"/Production #s

Yeah...Thing is, since 87 was the first year for the GTA, and it was not a seperate model, just an option, it's *almost* like saying, there is not such thing as a "1987 Trans Am GTA". I suppose technically, that's kinda true, in that the GTA was really just an option, not a model line, if any of that makes sense.

My 87 doesn't have a power antenna either, but my 89 does. One of these days, the power antenna will make it onto my 87.

Coulda sworn the split rear seat was part of the standard GTA package though, from day 1. My 87 has it, although the rear seats are in my closet now! He hasn't responded to me, but I'm not surprised. Even if it is fake, he already has bidders, so what does he care?

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