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Re: "Super Rare 1 of 600"/Production #s

Well, we may never ever know where the seller came up with the "600" number. It sounds good though to say 1 of 600 so perhaps this is why that number was picked. I recall something about 600 of those 1989 turbo pace cars were made which perhaps this is what this seller heard also and just passed it on to his car because it sounded good. You really never know where these people come up with stuff. Some see that number plate in the radiator support on the passenger side and go by that saying that the first digit which is underlined is the number of that specific car and the following numbers are the total amount produced. I recall a few years ago a seller saying that and pointing to that as his source of information.

As for authenticity, your guess is as good as mine about this car. Some GTA stuff is there and some of it is missing. The rear split seats I have read were just an option and that some GTAs did not have that option. Now this car does not have the power antenna which I thought that all GTAs came with that as standard equipment. The rims do not look gold but maybe they are just dirty or photographed in bad lighting, as the same with the Pontiac emblem in the drivers side headlight cover. It has emblems and they are close to the approximate locations on the car. It has a GTA map pocket and horn button, but the horn button does look like it is a second generation bird emblem, but photograph is not good so it is hard to tell for sure. The front seats, well, perhaps one of the many previous owners got rid of the torn up original GTA seats and got ones that were not torn, which were not GTA seats.

So the moral of this post is, regardless of what GTA items are on the car, only the true documentation is that option code in the RPO sticker. If I ever purchase another GTA, that is the only thing I will look at in regards to documentation. And to think I came so close to throwing away my RPO sticker when I replaced my entire GTA center console. I did throw it away and it was in the trash over night out in front of the house because the next morning was garbage day. But as I sat in my GTA letting it warm up before I started my drive to work, I just stared at my original console sticking out of the trash can in the dark under the street light, I felt so sad, like saying goodby to one of my old friends. This was a piece of my car that I love so much and it looked so pathetic sticking out of the garbage can. So I got out of my car, walk over to it and touched it while a few of my fond memories I had of my GTA played in my mind. A few moments passed and before I went back to my GTA, I just opened up the console to look once more to make sure I did not leave anything inside and that was when I saw the sticker and I remember the GM Dealership explain to me that those numbers and letters are codes for almost all parts that my car has, which they look at when determining the correct replacement parts. At that moment I decided to take out that sticker. That was in 1994 or 1995, can not remember exactly. Today I am so glad that I did, because without that, there is really no way to determine or prove that this car is a real GTA. And 1987 GTAs I think may be the hardest to determine authentic and some of that has to do with how GM combined the production numbers of the GTAs with the rest of the models, as I have been lead to believe.

Wow, sorry that I had to write all this, I sort of got lost in the moment. That is what happens when I see and talk about GTAs regardless of whose they belong to. Yumiko
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