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Re: "Super Rare 1 of 600"/Production #s

Originally Posted by Stephen
eBay GTA

I already emailed the ad owner, asking for a documentation source of the "1 of 600", because I couldn't even find a M5 production #, unless you take the 88,612 total proction #, and subtract the 27,007 700R4s, giving you 61,605 M5s produced in 87. But I couldn't find anything specififc on GTAs with M5s or 70R4s.

BTW, the original reason I was going to post...The production #s between here and TGO don't match up.

GTA Source Page-9,481 Y84s made
GTA Source Page
TGO-11,102 GTAs

I'll trust Frankie's # before I trust TGO!
I wondered where he got his information from and how accurate it was. It will be interesting to see what the owner has to say....
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