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Re: Should I buy it? (91 GTA)

Originally Posted by YumikoGTA
A lot of people love to strip off all of the old factory coatings because they feel that they want to do that. Sometimes there could be reasons like rust or previous bad repairs.

In my situation, we were going to remove all of the coatings because of the problem with the clear coat. In that situation, you have to remove all of the clear coat or just painting over it will not be the proper way to paint it. They also told me not to remove all the way to the bare metal if it does not need to be. Because they said that the best primer and metal coats are the factory ones. Because the metal is new and clean when they have been first applied. They also said that you can never get the metal as prepared for painting better then they had did it at the factory.

The only problem they had was the clear coating. So we were going to remove the old bondo and all the primer on my GTA, but the guys that work for GM that I know, who work in the autobody shop there told me not to. They said for the reasons I mentioned above.

I'll remember that when and if I get it painted.

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