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Re: Should I buy it? (91 GTA)

While we were restoring my GTA, I have some friends who work at the GM Dealership painting and repair department there. They advised me not to remove the factory materials that cover that metal seam. They said that the factory uses something special that is not that available (or known about) in the general public. They say that the material that they used on this seam has metal in it and also is flexable. So they suggested that I do not remove the factory materials at this seam if I do not have to, because in order to prepare it for painting, I would have to use the standard bondo material on that seam. They said that using standard bondo on there will crack when the body of the car flexes.

I am telling about this because maybe someone who owned this car in the past did not know about that and removed the factory bondo in that area and then just filled it back in with regular standard bondo that can be purchased at those auto part chain stores. Maybe this is all that happened to this GTA. Never know.

My GTA has never cracked in that area on the roof. I know what you are talking about though because I used to see these cars at the wrecking yard all of the time and I would see many of them with those cracks where that seam is located, where the roof and the sail panel connect together.

And about buying one of these cars to fix it up and sell, that seems like a lot of work to do that and it is very risky that you will then be able to resell it for more and make a profit in the end. I have learned from my own work and job experiences that......the more money that you put into a project, the less you will get when it is completed. My own GTA is a perfect example. Before we completely restored it, I could have sold it for about $3,000 maximum. A place that I brought it to for some work, one of the mechanics there wanted to buy it for that price. Of course I did not have any interests to get rid of it, it had personal values to me, not money. But after the four years of the restoration, we put in to that car more then $15,000 of new parts. This does not count our own personal time we spent working on it.

Realistically speaking, I think I could sell my GTA for about $10,000. But that means it cost me $15,000 to sell the car for $7,000 more then ther $3,000 I could have sold it for before we did all of that work. So that would mean I lost $8,000 if I sold my GTA for $10,000.

The difference between $3,000 and $10,000 is $7,000. Minus the $7,000 from the $15,000 equals $8,000. Does anyone know if this formula that I am using if it is correct or not? I am interested to know, as math was not my major.

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