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Re: AK1 RPO Option

Originally Posted by JeremyT
That is the description I received from an RPO decoder I have.

Still, what exactly is that? My GTA Notchback does not have that code, but it has the exact seat belts as the GTAs that I see that do have the AK1 option. I've never seen any GTA with a different seatbelt style. Have you?

Plus, with only 1763 of 9,765 not having this option (per Frankie's figures), I'm curious what the difference is as it apparently was a common option.
This addresses the Camaro, but may apply to the Firebird:

There were two option codes that covered deluxe lap and shoulder belts in 1968 - AK1 and ZK3. AK1 was used pre-January, with ZK3 replacing it. Why? The current CRG theory, based on 1983 Parts Manual RPO Table designations, is that AK1 was the normal GM code for deluxe lap and shoulder belts in BOTH front and rear. The 1968 Camaro engineers misused this definition at the start of that model year - having deluxe shoulder belts in the front only. To correct this inconsistency a new code was created for a combination of deluxe lap front and rear and deluxe front shoulder only, and AK1 was replaced, for Camaro use, with ZK3, starting in January 1968.

std standard lap belts: 2 front with buckets, 3 front with bench,
2 rear 67, 3 rear 68-69
AK1 Aug-Dec 67 coupe deluxe lap belts and front harness, replaced by ZK3
AS1 standard front harness (coupe used ended Dec 67)
A68 standard rear center belt (67 only - only for short period)
A39 deluxe lap belts (no harness) (coupe use ended Dec 67)
AL5 deluxe rear center (67 only - only for short period)
A85 deluxe front harness (coupe thru Dec 67 only)
AS4 68-69 deluxe rear harness
AS5 68-69 standard rear harness
ZK3 Jan 68-69 coupe deluxe lap belts and front harness; supercedes AK1
YA1 69 dealer ordering code for custom belts (A39 or ZK3 as appropriate)
YA2 69 dealer ordering code for rear harness (AS4 or AS5 as appropriate)
YA3 69 dealer ordering

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