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Re: Vader got a facelift...

Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
Would love to see the photos, but you're going to have to get another photo host than Photobucket, or pay them their $399.00 fee to allow posting on forums like this.

I switched to Flickr. Free, a ridiculous amount of free photo storage (I cleaned out 3 Photobucket accounts, and moved those images to Flickr, and have used less than 1% of the space they give you), and it's so fast compared to the bucket, it's unbelievable.

I posted how-to steps here.

Thanks for the info. I had a hell of a time trying to get those photos uploaded in PhotoBucket to begin with. I will definitely look into the Flicker account. I used to have one...just have to see if it is still active.

Originally Posted by GTABill View Post
Until you get set up with a different host, this should work for now. BTW........looks really good! I like your style lol......not over the top, but really makes it stand out!
Thanks Bill for the repost of the pictures!

I was trying to not go to drastic or over the top like I've seen on some cars. I tried to keep the modifications subtle and meaningful when I designed the car several years ago. I'm just glad that I am finally in a position that allowed me to show the car to everyone else the way I've seen it for years in my head.

The design incorporates bits from every generation of Firebird on it which was very important to me. The vents and Bird graphics from a Gen2 Trans AM, the rear side marker lights from a Gen1 Firebird, the hood from a Gen4 Trans AM, and a nod to the 2003 Heritage Trans AM that GM built (body matched tail filler panel between the tail lights.). The hood was modified to incorporate a heat extractor vent from a 2014-15 Camaro SS to help evacuate the heat from under the hood.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with how it all turned out and it's been getting a lot of attention.

Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
They come in all sizes....all good!
Yes, the do. Our waitress was really cool and one of the more laid back ones there. That's why we went back to get pictures with her before we left.

Originally Posted by MunsonGTA View Post
The car looks great!
Thanks, Munson. I appreciate the kind words.

Originally Posted by JonBlake View Post
Hmmm. 77' T/A fender vents. Interesting concept. BTW, have you seen what full-on original 77' T/A's are going for these days? Amazing!
Yes, Jon. I have been keeping up with the prices. I REALLY, REALLY want a legit Y84 car some day. I've found some in NC, but just don't have the funds to get one right now. Spent it all on Vader and still more to go. I'm just afraid that by the time I get done with Vader, I may really not be able to afford one.

Thanks everyone.

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