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Re: Rear Decklid Alignment. Not the usual fore aft

I can't remember for certain but I may have had a somewhat similar problem when I started off on my GTA.
Not quite as bad as your picture though.

I scanned some pages from my service manual that may help you.
There is a rubber weatherstrip that runs along the front edge of the hatch to keep debris out (#1 in figure 7-6). It also provides a nice clean edge.
When I did this back in the 80's I was able to buy the piece from GM. When I did my GTA I think I used this
M-D Building Products 1033 Weatherstrip
It squeezed down to about 1/8" thick.

I now have less than 1/8" variation in height between quarter panels and front/back/left/right corners of hatch panel.
You can achieve some adjustment in height by varying the size of the butyl adhesive you use (you can sort of mold the butyl like clay).
Although it could have been like that from factory, it was not acceptable to me. To get mine right, I made several trial and error dry runs on re-assembly.
The butyl is relatively easy to work with and remove if you don't like position.
After I was happy with fit-up, I removed fasteners from the studs one by one and filled each hole in the glass with urethane to give a little extra prevention angainst creep.

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