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Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
Just so we are all starting on the same page, can you define overheating? Is it puking coolant into the overflow tank and on the ground?

Or are you just seeing a higher reading on the temp gage than you are comfortable with?

Moving, ram air from under the car feeds the radiator. At idle, the electric fans. Is you fan kicking on? Does it then kick off after the engine cools down some?

Just trying to figure out what conditions you may have, and what may or may not be normal. These cars do normally run hot by design, and hotter than what a lot of "old car" enthusiasts are used to.
Well the temp gauge in the dash doesn't give me a reading. Since I have owned it this has never worked, even when the fans were properly operating. Now the fans won't come on at all. The air dam on the underside of the car is in place, and I knew these cars were designed to run a little hotter than many other vehicles. My fan motors are operational, last night I pulled them and tested them and the both spun and didn't have any odd noises coming from them as they spun. What sensors need to be checked and change, and where are they located?

The wiring in this car is a nightmare. When I first bought it somebody had half-a$$ attempted to fix wiring and it was horrible. For example, when I turned on a turn signal my headlights both when up and down with the flash of the turn signals. It was a mess!

As far as a rebuild, I would try and do a majority of the work myself, I am fairly knowledgable with engines and what not. I wouldn't be rebuilding the car to take out to the dragstrip and race for slips, I would be building it to be a reliable car that I could drive on occasion. But I would like it to have the power that it deserves. The transmission rebuild should be able to handle a fair amount shouldn't it? What kind of power can I expect to get out of it?
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