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Re: 1991 gta

I got a buddy who owns a 3rd gen and he was having this same issue. When the car wasn't moving he also had a problem with the overheating. Turned out that the car didn't have the correct thermostat installed.

Another issue he had was...these cars came new with a plastic skirt that runs in front of the underside of the car which forces air flow into the rad. but that only works when the car is moving. The one on his car was missing cause he bought the car used (rode hard and put away wet by many previous owners) and it wasn't on there when he got it. After making one out of sheet metal, it kept pretty cool.

All those problems add up to a lot of engine heat. He was having issues both as it was sitting idle and moving. After getting the correct thermostat and fabricating that sheet metal skirt in the front, his car stays fairly cool now.

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