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Vader got a facelift...

Back in April I sent Vader to the body shop for a much needed facelift that took about six and a half months from start to finish. Just in time for F-Body Beach Bash in Myrtle Beach, SC. I've been sitting on this idea since 2010 and was finally able to get it done. The overall design incorporates pieces from every generation of Firebird. That was important for the overall design of the car. There is still much work left to do, but the body is straight now.

During the body work, more was found than I knew about that was wrong with my car. The only thing I knew was the car had been involved in an accident which required a new rear passenger quarter, but it seems there was more that I didn't know about. Whomever did the initial repair on the car following the accident before I bought it really cut corners and did some crappy work. The good news is that is all fixed now.

Here are some pictures of Vader's new look...

On the way home from the body shop...

F-Body Beach Bash...

MISC Shots...


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