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Re: 1989 Pontiac GTA -> Pace Car TTA Clone

Originally Posted by JonBlake View Post
Just wait for a few protests to get caught up in. You'll soon hate the commute. Since you're in the area now, did you hear about that moron sitting on top of a train car in San Jose yesterday? Had only shorts on so obviously no weapon on him, yet the cops closed off everything for 24 hours to talk him down. Light rail was stopped completely. Bus bridge in place for the morning and evening commutes. Why not just go up there with three to four guys and take him down off there? But no, they gave him a blanket to keep warm. If I was in charge I would have drenched him with cold water and since this ordeal started in the wee hours of the morning, he'd a been done, good and ready to come down off there on his own by 6am or so.
yeah that would have worked better. didnt affect my line.
My office is going to open an east bay location so I will be able to drive to work by the end of the year.
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