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Re: Post your digital dash photos and info

Originally Posted by TripleTransAm
Off the scale. You can see the oil pressure at hot idle, it usually sits somewhere around 30 psi for me. See here for the dash in action on two 3/4 throttle launches (in both cases, I think I opened it up to 7/8 immediately after the 1-2 shift). Stock 305 TPI with 3.23:1 rear and Goodyear GSCs. Note the need to correct the car's sideways move with a twist of the steering wheel... I'm pretty proud of this clip, even if it isn't WOT (I really don't go WOT with this car very often at all, come to think of it... )

I don't believe the dash gets any info from the ECM. Even stuff like coolant temperature is taken from a separate sensor, completely apart from the sensor that feeds the ECM (which is why you can't trust the dash gauge when trying to guess what the ECM is reading as a coolant temp, and vice versa).
Yeah, Those launches look familiar. Just mine would have been spinning for friggin blocks if I launched at 3/4 and didn't let off a little. My oil pressure never dropped below 40 unless I ran the hell out of it for a while. Mine was 350 L98 dropped in from a 87 Vette with aluminum heads and some work done plus tons of bolt ons with 700R4(4 of them in one year!) and stock 9 bolt 3.27 with 245/50/16 Googyear Eagle GS-C's. The coolant temp sensor that feeds the gauge on the dash is the one on the driver side head. I believe the sensor for the ECU is on the intake manifold, But I'm not 100% on that.

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