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Post your digital dash photos and info

Darrell's photo of his '88 GTA's digital dash along with that photo of a different style of electronic tachometer from some other year of T/A got me thinking of starting a thread with photos of the digital dash. By photos, I mean anything that might help demystify this option... lots of people still don't know what it looks like, or what it can do. So if anyone has any photos that might help, please post them here... even stuff like details on how to change one, what it looks like on the backside, what to do to maintain it or repair it, change bulbs, how to hack it to get free DirecTv, etc.

I'll start:
Here's a full-width shot of my metric dash:

Here's the unit at night with the lights on:

Daytime visibility is awesome thanks to the LCD nature of the indicators, instead of LED. The more sunlight shines on the dash, the more visible the LCD indicators! (obviously, the small camera had a hard time with the dramatic contrasts in this photo!)

At night, the internal lighting makes things just as visible.

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