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GTA Year: 1988
GTA Engine: 305 TPI 5-Speed Manual
1988 GTA Overheating Options

Hi all, I have a 1988 Trans Am GTA, 305 TPI 5speed and wanted to get the Hypertech Chip 128852, the 160deg Powerstat and the Cool Fan Switch #4026 for 160deg. However, I hear that the Cool Fan Switch is discontinued ?? TPIS has a Cooling Fan Switch for 160deg BUT the website says it's NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Hawks Motorsports has one that turns the fan ON @ 185degF and OFF @ 165degF..... will this work as an alternative??? There aren't many options??? I don't drive my car in the winter, not even in the rain so not that worried about getting a lot of heat. I'd just like to have it run cooler because they all run hot stock. Thanks !
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