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Re: Dash question

Originally Posted by 86TA355SR View Post
Well, I had to let a GTA sit for 8 yrs....

It took a lot to get it roadworthy again. I do stuff right the first time though.

All new fluids /filters, hoses/belt, injectors (seized), valve springs/seals, & brake hoses were just a few items it needed. Add the other obvious stuff-ignition, battery, and the list is long but boring...

Also put on new tires. I don't drive on 15 yr old rubber.

It was a great winter project!
Sounds like you had one busy winter on your hands. 8 years is quite a bit of time. The guy I'm dealing with has a car that's not run nearly twice as long. Plus I don't know how the car was running before that or if it was running bad or barely running at all back then.

I think the wise thing for me to do is only show interest in a car that's actually running vs just sitting disassembled and not running.

It would suck big time if I purchase one of these cars not running and after putting lots of time and money into it then find out it has a major issue which calls for a replacement motor. Unless of course I happen to purchase one for a price that corresponds with it needing a new engine in the first place. I can't see spending over 4K on a non running car with unknowns about engine condition, let alone tranny, fuel system, brake system and differential condition.

The search continues.......
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