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Re: Dash question

Well the guy seems to be wishy washy about the car now. I met up with him again at his house and asking him how much he'd be willing to sell it, he says maybe 6K or 8K. But I can hear hesitation in the tone of his voice. Interesting because the day I initially stopped off and was checking it out, he mentioned that he thought it was worth around 3K to 4K.

This time when he threw out the 6K to 8K figure, he also added that he may not want to sell it just yet though. Like I'd have to twist his arm a bit along with the 6K to 8K. Thinking maybe he got on line and thinks he could sell it for more cause other cars are selling for that price. But the difference is, the cars selling for 6K to 8K are running and decent. Kind of sucks but that's how it goes I guess. I'm probably going to pass on this one cause right now he's saying 6/8K but you know once you produce something around that amount, he'll probably say 9 or 10K.

Hind sight 20/20 the guy probably doesn't want to let it go unless he makes big money off it. But in the meantime, he has no ambitions to put labor and money into it himself. It's probably going to just sit in his garage for another 10 or so years and collect dust.

Oh well, I can keep looking.
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