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Re: Dash question

Originally Posted by merc3065 View Post
Super easy to put it back to the analog gauges.

Somewhat complicated and difficult to replace the gauges with the digital set because the wire harness is different between the 2.

If you're saying that the original harness has been cut...bleh...It's a pain in the ass to fix.
Thanks for the feedback. Good to know that it's not difficult to put the analog back in but not so much the digital. Where would I find a decent complete analog dash and how much would you say it would cost? I'm covering all bases in the event that I would purchase this car from the guy. The guy mentioned that It had been hit on the front and driver side before he purchased it from the previous owner and I could see overspray on a lot of things, especially the stickers in the drivers side door jam.

And yes, all the wires are cut right at the harness. No connectors to anything are there and no labeling as to what wires are for. I may head back over that way over the weekend and see if he's out in the yard again. I'd like to ask more questions about it, especially if it's got a "salvaged" title. I'd also like to take a closer look at the engine.

He said it hasn't run for 15 years so I'm concerned about corrosion/deterioration in the oil, fuel, and water. I'm also curious how smog testing is going to be on this car since it's not been running for that time plus registration issues. In Cali the seller is responsible for getting the car to pass smog before the title can be transferred over to the new owner. Not sure how this will play out in this situation since the car hasn't been running for many years and probably not been registered for the same amount of time. I'll have to look at the rear plate to see when the last year it was registered.

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