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Dash question

Hey Ya'll. Well I came across an 87' Pontiac yesterday. I was boarding for a few hours and in a guys garage along the way I see a fire engine red third gen sitting in there with tons of boxes and stuff on top of it. The owner was out in the yard doing something so I took that opportunity to stop and ask about it. He's telling me that it was his project car some years ago. It's not run in years he says, bout 15 to be exact. No rust but does have a lot of sun damage from years past when it was out on the street being used. It's a hard top so that's a plus. But the interior is shot and he took the original dash out because he said he had planned to convert to digital. He's no longer got the analog dash parts because from what he said, he sold those to pay for the digital dash he's got sitting in the rear section of the car.

My questions are: how much would you expect to pay for a car in this condition? How hard would it be to install the digital dash he's got in the back of the car now, and/or how hard would it be to get an original analog dash to put back inside? BTW, he has no idea how the wiring harness fits all back and thinks there may be some stuff missing such as components and wires. I took a good look at it and he or whoever it was just cut wires at the harness, no connectors what so ever.
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