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Re: Weird Problem

Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
Never expected this - distributor pick-up coil rotted out.
Anyone have this happen before?

I could see it if the car had been abandoned in a bog for years or if hood weatherstrip & distributor cover were gone but everything is in place, relatively clean & no rust.

Not sure if its related to the previous problem I had.
Symptom was bogging down and losing power a couple times. It would clear itself up after a few minutes.
Then one day it became a constant problem. Parked car for a while, changed injectors, cleaned TB & EGR, and when I tried to start again there was no spark at all.

After I took it out of car, it puked out some of these little triangle notches.

Shaft felt fine and did not have excessive side play.
All I can figure is maybe previous owner got water in distributor when cleaning engine.
Wow that's bad. Looks almost like flood damage. I've seen boat motors with damage like that. What would cause such deterioration?
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