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Re: HELP! Stalling as soon as the engine gets warm.

Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
A fan, mechanical or electric, is only good at very low speeds. It's not needed all that often, overall. Therefore, using engine horsepower to run a mechanical fan 100% of the time is wasteful. It wastes horsepower, and it wastes gasoline.

So it is done for efficiency, both in economy, and in power. Very little in production today uses a mechanical fan. Electrics have been the standard for 30+ years.

And they have proven to be very dependable. While all parts fail eventually, nothing in this system is particularly prone to failure.

My take? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Thanks for the info. Makes good sense. Over the weekend I was researching the pro's & con's of the Belt driven fans vs the electric and found a pretty good explanation. Basically what they are saying is for stock cars and cars that have very mild performance modifications, belt driven is fine. It's when you move into the more higher performance cars that the electric fans provide most benefit.
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