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Re: HELP! Stalling as soon as the engine gets warm.

Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
Unless modified, it has to get pretty hot to turn fans on. Factory setting for fan turn on is like 222F or high AC pressure.
Idle air control system is a common problem - could need cleaning or adjustment.
Could also be a problem that appears when going into closed loop ( >155F ?) - such as a bad MAF.

To rule out IAC, try holding throttle to keep it above 1800 rpm before the time where it normally stalls.
If you are able to keep it running with throttle, you most likely have IAC problem.
Can you guys tell me why would this electric fan design be any good? I never really looked into this until it became a topic here, but why would this car want or need to have fans that only come on through commands of a computer in a car? Personally I feel better with the traditional fan attached to the water pump pulley design. So when the engine is running, the fan is "running". The way it's set up on the third gen relies on electrical connections and computer commands. Too many things can go wrong with it that way such as fan motor failure, wiring failure, sensor failure, computer failure, and I don't know what else. With the traditional design, the only thing that's going to go wrong is belt failure and maybe, just maybe fan clutch failure, though I've never had a vehicle with that type of setup have a fan clutch failure.

So why did GM design this electrical fan system and what was / were the benefits to having such a system?
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