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Re: HELP! Stalling as soon as the engine gets warm.

Originally Posted by 1988PontiacGTA View Post
SO, I just went out again to let it run and watched the temp gauge. It got up to 110 degrees and then stalled out. I then realized that both of my rad fans did not come on what so ever the whole time it was running.
Hmmm. Well I don't know a thing about these cars but what you said is interesting. So do the fans come on at a specific temperature? Or do they come on when the motor is turned on. You mentioned "fans" so I researched and see that the GTAs have two from the factory. Also someone wrote that one fan will come on when the a/c is turned on. Well, at 110 degrees would that be hot enough to trigger the fan(s) to come on if they only come on at a specific temperature range? If the fans should be coming on but are not, would there be some sort of feature that causes the motor to be cut off so it's not damaged from overheating?
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