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Unhappy Re: hard start and intermittant miss

The 305 TBI IAT sensor showed up today. Next rainy day ( Thursday?) it gets installed. I checked the thread and it is a 3/8" pipe thread, no nut for that. However, I have a 3/8" union that I can cut down to act as a nut. Some blue locktite and should be ready to go. I plan to install it before the MAF. That way if the nut ever works loose, the screen in the MAF will keep it out of the engine. Still thinking about a used MAF or going for a new one. NAPA can get me a new one for $240. They actually did not recommend their rebuilt one, they have had several defective ones. It would be just my luck to get a defective rebuilt and have the same problems and not be sure what was wrong. Wish there was someone close by that I could swap the MAF with and see if the problems move with the MAF.

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