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Re: At $4,950, Does This 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA Mean The Bird Is The Word

Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
Interesting Jon. I thought those seats were unique to the GTA.

Either way, I agree on value. While purists won;t want it, someone who just wants a nice F-body to relive the '80s in will get a good deal here (it would appear).
Yes, you are correct, they were for the GTA. When I say "standard" what I mean is, they came automatically with GTA's. But from what I picked up on throughout my research into these cars, the same seats were also available as options with other birds, such as on the T/A, Formula or Firebird. I know someone can confirm this who has way more experience and knowledge then I do on this form.

Those GTA seats came as standard equipment on at least the GTA's, maybe even the Formula's. But they also could be ordered in other's such as the standard Firebird but as options purchased for additional cost.

Maybe I'm wrong. But seems I read about that either on this site somewhere or on Third Gen. Anyone know the definite answer?
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