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Re: At $4,950, Does This 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA Mean The Bird Is The Word

Originally Posted by DynoDave View Post
Yeah, the spoiler has to go. But not a bad looking car.

Just wish there was a definitive way to ID a GTA for all years. You just never know if this is a GTA that had a front end accident and T/A fenders installed, or a T/A with a bunch of badges and seat added.
My guess is it's just a T/A. The only thing on it that says "GTA" is the fender emblems. I'm also guessing that these type of seats was an option that could be purchased with any Trans Am, Formula or Firebird. I'm saying this because I read somewhere either on this form or on the Third Gen forum that this type of seat came standard on GTAs.

In the end, I don't think it will really be a big deal in the upcoming future, because these are 30+ year old cars. I'm basing my assumption from, for example, 60's Mustangs. Seems any 60's Mustang goes for bucks these days, regardless if it's all original or not, regardless if it's got rare or not so rare options. Sure there is a price fluctuation between the two, but pretty much all of them are not cheap these days. Same goes with the 69 - 70 Dodge Daytona or the Plymouth Super Bird. Some go for more then others depending on condition and all, but overall, getting hands on one takes a rather large chunk of cash regardless.

If I were to be able to purchase this T/A listed above in this thread, first thing I'd do is remove that spoiler and get the "correct" one put on. Second I'd get rid of those GTA emblems if in fact this car is not a true GTA. Putting GTA on a non-factory GTA is just plain tacky, IMO anyways. Sort of like I see guys driving around in 80's 4-banger Mustangs with the 5.0 emblems on it. Just plain tacky.

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