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C&C t-top sticker and info HELP..

Hello, I am a new member to the forum and I don't presently have one. But I am on here however, because I'm writting a book on the C&C t-top program for the fiero. Yes, i know. But there are a lot of similars things not parts but the way they were in installed. I am looking to compare information and documentation. I have been working on this book for 20 years or more contacting C&C employees over the year, before by letter and more recent internet. Problem many of the leads now days are either storys of truth, 1/2 truth, or BS.. Never so I am always remembering your talking about a option and asking people (if still alive) to tell you about their job 30 to 35 years ago...
What I am looking for
1st the c&c install sticker, can people post theirs a employee said you can find out the years by know the serial number listed on it also would need to know what years your car is, I don't have enough sample size to confirm if it's true.
2nd I have recieved different invoices from C&C, just wondering if anyone has any of that to take a photo of it
3) there were 200 authorized C&C installers there was a list of them does anyone have that, it changed every 2 or 3 years but looking for that
4)Looking for anyone that may have a C&C kit in the original box, just need a photo of the outside of the box straight on and a 3/4 shot and the bottom if there is C&C writting on it, dont worry about the inside.

Anyone that helps will be given credit by knowledgement in the book for helping and at the same time, maybe I can help someone here.

You can post here or email or text photos with your phone.
THank you for letting me join this group.
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