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Car info: 1989 GTA 5.7L ASC Convertible, with RPOs: B2L, JG1, L98, and N10
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Super Rare Options, including: RPO U1A on 1989 GTA

Going over the SPI Label, looks like this one has some really nice options/codes. But the one which really stands out, is RPO U1A.

I've only seen this on two other GTAs in person, one was a burgundy 89 ASC Convertible, and the other was a burgundy coupe.

Here's pics:

Also, if so inclined, and you a member of the 3rd Gen Website, check out the voting thread for January "Car of the Month" and if you like this Gunmetal GTA, I'd appreciate your vote. Thanks!!
^^^^Click link to voting thread - thanks again

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