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Re: Digital dash help

You will need the entire wire harness from behind the dash that goes to the C100 connector on the upper left hand side of the firewall.

The dash frame may be needed, but I don't know if Pontiac changed the frame to fit the gauges or not. In the 87-89 it was not needed as these were the years for the digital gauges.

If you are transferring all of the Digital Information Center components, you will need the full lighting harness (front, rear and fog light) as well as the door lock sensors for the doors and rear hatch.
The light harnesses are resistance matched and the DIC picks up the resistance changes to determine if a light is out or not.

The sensors that go into the doors are connected via a thin grey/grey lined-black wire and are "clicky" type in nature. They look like the pressure sensors from a mouse (have a little metal arm clicker that trips the sensors).

Otherwise you will never get the read out to say "PONTIAC OK" and it will always say your lights are dead, hatch and doors are open.
The Digital Info Center (DIC) also contains your odometer so it will not be matched to your original mileage on your analog setup.

If you are transferring the electronic heater controls you will also need the heater core, digital A/C controls, and the wiring harness for the blower motor as they are different from the analog controls.

Finally, can't say if it will work with the 91-92 ECM or not. In theory it should, but no clue if the speedo and rpm are controlled differently than in the 87-89.
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