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Re: I'm in need of new tires

For whatever its worth, here are my two cents on the matter. The above mentioned sites are both good. I prefer discount tire direct over tire rack because shipping is free. True they may not carry as many brands as tire rack but that leads to another option i have been using more lately and that is amazon. If you know the size you want, plug it into amazon and they have quite a few options and some not offered elsewhere, most with free shipping. They do have quite a few "generic" brands too but if you do the research, you find out that most of the time, they are an affordable "house brand" version of a brand name company. There are also smaller companies that have been in business for quite some time that offer a very good tire as well. Case in point, I have Milestar MS932 performance tires on my Aztek and my daughter has the same tires on her Cruze. They have great wear, low highway noise for the time being, and are V-rated in case the Aztek wants to do 140+ mph (it never does lol). Bottom line, there is endless amounts of possibilities out there. Do your research and keep an open mind. Right now, I have Falken tires on the GTA and love them. I've had Hankook and now General tires on our sierra and have no complaints on either brand and they were quite a bit cheaper than comparable Goodyears, Firestones, Michelins, etc.

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