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Re: I'm in need of new tires

Originally Posted by JonBlake View Post
Seems like if you're running on 16 inch rims, you're choices may be pretty limited. Would you'all agree on that? Seems like the standard size rims now are 17 and larger.

With that said, has anyone ran Nitto tires on their 3rd gen, and if so, how did they do? I've talked with a few 3rd gen Camaro owners in the past and they tell me the original tires these came with (Good Year) no longer really produce any good tires for these cars anymore. Does anyone know if that's true or not?

It is true in the 16" choices tires are limited, as said the best go to would be that BF Goodrich tire. 17's open up a few more choices, but also an expense in 17 rims. Maybe not in some people's budget or choice. As far as Nitto, they do make some nice tires. I have them on my daily driver truck and know some 4th gen guys that have them on their Fbodies and are pleased. Nitto and Toyo are under the same umbrella I believe.
Goodyear make a nice tire in the DM-V1, but not really much for applications in the 16" that would appeal here.

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